Why would you choose us to develop an android app for you?

More than 100 projects delivered in 1 years

Alphaintelli is the largest Android development company in Bhubaneswar with a strong workforce of 50 employees and 1+ years in operations.

  We Provide

  Proper guidelines by android experts for app strategy.

  Design and development procedure.

  Implementation of a methodology until your app results.

  Benefits of hiring us

  With more than 1 years of experience in mobile app development service, we have until designed and developed more than 30 apps. We us JAVA technology for android app development.

  We result your application development procedure through a methodology. Here below is the methodology we select to work for android development

  1.   .Prototyping
  2.   .Feature set
  3.   .Graphic design
  4.   .App development
  5.   .Beta Release
  6.   .Play Store Launch
  7.   .Support and Maintenance

How does it work?

Here is a step-by-step method that we follow for project completion.

What kind of app do you require?

We offer the following Android Solutions.